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Castroville Arkansas EB
This excellent CASTROVILLE was part of a frame of nice Castroville's all found off one site out of Arkansas. This one is obviously authentic and shows nice use and great patination. It is made from a beautiful semi translucent material. It is very thin and very fine with no modern damage. The tip has some ancient use wear, but this is a finely made Castroville point that will no doubt make an excellent addition to any authentic collection. In fact, all of the points in this group are extremely well made and some are what I would call museum quality. We hated to separate the group, but we did not get any offers on the group as a whole that were reasonable, so we decided to sell them individually. Every piece in the frame is such an obvious, authentic point that we didn't bother with COA's. They are lifetime guaranteed authentic and ancient. This is the best single site group of points we have ever sold!
These points were found while a springhouse ditch was being cleaned out. The larger ones may have been a cache. The other points were found in the immediate area after further searching. I believe these to be Castroville points. There is Texas and Arkansas influence in this group. I say this because materials from both states are represented by the group, as seen in the last picture. You will see Pitkin from Arkansas, Reeds Springs also from Arkansas, and one made of Owl Creek out of Texas. I'm not sure what the white flint is, but it is glossy and beautiful and does not appear to be Burlington. I have seen this chert in Western Arkansas and East Texas.
Size 2.83  inches in length.  A19

Castroville Arkansas EB

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