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The Artifacts Museum contains artifacts from my personal collection. Some were purchased and some are my personal finds. The Museum is organized into several categories: Flint, Celts, Oddities, etc. We will constantly be updating the site and adding new pictures and descriptions.

There is also a Tamra page, displaying the Tamra Point; a newly described point type named by Stephen Granger and found by Johnny and Tamra Parnell. There are a few authentic examples known to exist, and the point on the Tamra page is the type example from the Stephen Granger book on Early Archaic Point Types of North America. The 14th Edition Overstreet Guide shows this point as an eccentric Hardin. However, as stated above, it has been typed as Tamara, (a Hardin variant).

Recently we have added several photos of some advanced collections as well as nice frames of friends and associates of ours. We will also be accepting submissions of photos to add to our Private Collections page soon. Please do not be offended if we do not accept your submissions as there are many submissions being considered. Photos are preferred on a black background and will be cropped or edited at our discretion.

The Artifacts Museum

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