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Private Collections - Gilcrease Museum

Tulsa Oklahoma

The Thomas Gilcrease Museum is located in Tulsa Oklahoma. It is a fantastic destination if you are traveling east / west across highway 44. There are thousands of Native American items to view as well as a phenomenal art collection: including painted works, bronze Remington statues, and a very moving exhibit of Pulitzer prize winning photography. The staff is wonderful, friendly, and knowledgeable. The exhibits are beyond compare. There is a wonderful restaurant at the museum, boasting both very high quality food and affordable pricing. Also, there are 400+ acres of property with hiking trails and many exhibits along the way. There is much wildlife to be seen along the trails and a beautiful lake. If you enjoy this hobby, the Gilcrease is a must see destination. Please keep the mind the pictures you see here on our website are only a tiny fraction of what is on display at the museum itself.

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