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Hardin Arkansas EB
This pretty southern HARDIN came from Arkansas and is a no brainer authentic relic. This point was part of the Steven Stockwell Collection. We ended up with a small portion of this collection that we obtained from a friend. It shows nice use and great patination. It is made from a beautiful Pitkin material. It has great edge work and an excellent base. There is no modern damage. This is a fantastic Hardin and it will make an awesome addition to any authentic collection.
This group came from a very discerning collector out of Kentucky. His name was Steven Stockwell. The original collection was bought by a gentleman from Ohio and a friend of ours managed to get a portion of the collection from him. We ended up with some of the smaller stuff, but the quality of these pieces are fantastic. All were made of high quality material and flaked to perfection. The majority of the material is all southern, coming from the states of: Kentucky, Ohio, Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, and Mississippi. They are some of the highest quality small points we have ever purchased. 
Size 2.72 inches in length.   A12

Hardin Arkansas EB

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