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Agate Basin Schuyler Co Illinois Ex Leesman Ex Ritter

This Agate Basin came from Schuyler Co Illinois. It was part of the Glenn Leesman Collection and at one time, it belonged to Floyd Ritter of Collinsville Illinois. Both men are highly respected local collectors. This piece is no brainer authentic and has wonderful, hard mineral deposits. It is a very large, well made example of the type. These are thousands of years old and extremely collectible. This will easily grade G9 or G10 with any competent authenticator. It shows nice use and patination. It is made from a beautiful glossy material. It has extremely fine edge work and beautiful overshot flaking. It is thin for its size and has a great tip. There is no modern damage. It will make an excellent addition to any authentic collection.



This collection was bought by a friend of ours and we ended up buying a small group of it. Most of Glenn's collection is pictured in Who's Who Vol 6 page 210. Gleen Leesman was born December 1, 1943 in Lincoln Illinois. Included in the collection were some fine Illinois and Missouri  projectile points and knives. There were also quite a few Axes in all styles and sizes. Everything in this group was authentic and unaltered. It is one of the cleanest collections we have sold in quite some time. Mr. Leesman worked for Caterpillar Corporation. He is  a well known collector of Midwestern artifacts.


Size: 4.85 inches in length.  A28

Agate Basin Schuyler Co Illinois Ex Leesman Ex Ritter

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