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3/4 Groove Fluted Axe

This 3/4 GROOVE FLUTED AXE came from Illinois and was part of the Glenn Leesman Collection. The Axe appears to have been found in a fire pit. It is made from a beautiful Hardstone material. It has a great overall polish and a nearly perfect bit. There is no modern damage. It is symmetrical, very well made, and much nicer then pictured. This one displays very well and will free stand on the fluted side on a shelf. This is a great Axe and with the great honest history it will make an excellent addition to any authentic collection. Glenn's Collection was pictured in Who's Who Vol. 6 and he had one of the better collections in the Mid-West at the time.



This collection was bought by a friend of ours and we ended up buying some of it. Most of Glenns collection is pictured in Who's Who Vol 6 page 210. Included in the collection were some fine Illinois and Missouri  projectile points and knives. There were also quite a few Axes in all styles and sizes. Everything in this group was authentic and unaltered. It is one of the cleanest collections we have sold in quite some time. Mr. Leesman worked for Caterpillar Corporation. He is  a well known collector of Midwestern artifacts.


Size: 4.56 inches in length.  AX1

3/4 Groove Fluted Axe

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